I truly want this space to be for people that want to be here and are looking for ways to use safer beauty products. Feel free to invite friends that feel excited to learn, too! I'll be sharing all sorts of brands to try, articles to read, things to know and Beautycounter promotions!

Thank you for all the support you've all given me. It truly means so much to me! Such a difficult emotion to express. 

Our skin is a permeable barrier. This is a perfect introduction to the reason for safer personal care products! Click through to this informative report by Yaakov Levine, CH, NTP

You Are What You Wear… On Your Skin

Who Issues Personal Care Product Recalls?

"Myth – FDA promptly recalls any product that injures people.

Fact – FDA has no authority to require recalls of harmful cosmetics. Furthermore, manufacturers are not required to report cosmetics-related injuries to the agency. FDA relies on companies to report injuries voluntarily (FDA 2005)."

We cannot rely on persona care products being safe just because they have been manufactured! Company policies in transparency are the only way we can know products we are using are safe! Click this link to read the EWG report called, "Myths on Cosmetic Safety"


                               Myths on Cosmetic Safety.

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