Hey there! I'm Genny. I've had this nickname from my family for a long time so...welcome to the family!

GennyBBeauty didn't start out to be what it is today. My background in Medical Aesthetics and Makeup Artistry gave me a unique perspective on beauty and skin health. I thought I had all the tools to help someone create a personal care routine that exuded beauty and health. Little did I know that I was most likely contributing to their skin issues...not to mention a plethora of other health issues in general. I was horrified, dumbfounded, and to be honest? ANGRY.

I began my journey of education in beauty vlogging and had a blast doing it! I couldn't believe people get paid to do it! After 9 months of epic amounts of makeup application and new skincare routines my skin had thrown the towel in. I began to have mysterious skin issues that would flare up for what felt like no reason at all.

Even water hurt.

I'm fortunate to be surrounded by people who tell it like it is. When someone I love gently woke me up to the toxins and unregulated industry that makes up our personal care products I could not...would not...turn away from what I was learning. Immediately, I halted all my filming efforts and implemented what I was learning. Within a week, the 3 month long flaky, dry and sensitive mysterious rash disappeared. I was flabbergasted! Doing my own research into ingredients being used and experimented on our bodies fueled a fire within me that burned hot and bright.

I felt ON FIRE. This insistent desire to tell everyone caused me to think about my loved ones first.

As a mother to two children who both struggle with either an autoimmune disease or food issues I have had a persistent question in my mind of WHY? 

When Paxton, my oldest, had barely turned 6 he was diagnosed with EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITUS DISEASE or EE. This is an autoimmune disease affecting his esophagus. In easy terms, his esophagus is swollen all the time. The constant inflammation could have caused strictures over time, causing serious issues around eating and nutrition. He has developed a very decent list of food allergies because of this. We've found excellent health care practitioners and he is in remission at the moment and we hope to keep it that way. We are very fortunate!

Lucy, my youngest, struggles with diabetic like symptoms though she doesn't have diabetes. She is a complete mystery to us still and all those who have examined her, but we've found ways to keep her healthy through strict dietary needs. YET, they both still suffered with mysterious symptoms even with extremely strict food restrictions. 

WHAT GIVES?! With my favorite person ever (who just happens to be my husband), Sky we researched and decided we also needed to detox our personal care products. We saw almost immediate change in all of our skin, physical symptoms, and behavior. 

For the first time in my life I wanted to shout from the roof tops! I wanted to shake every man and woman awake from the security blanket that's been laid over us.  Alas, that is definitely not the way to educate and reach people on a personal level. 

Consequently, GennyBBeauty was reinvented. I am here to help you navigate the crazy jungles of our highly unregulated personal care industry. Allowing you to live a full, happy, and beautiful life. Choosing to live however you choose to live. Freedom to choose comes with the responsibility to learn how to choose wisely. The resources I'm sending your way will help empower you, your family and loved ones to steer far from the dangers that lurk. 

Again, WELCOME, I'm so happy you're here! 

All my love,