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I have chosen NOT to discontinue my affiliation with Influenster since I've learned more about poor regulation in US personal care products. This review is an excellent example on why I stay connected to many different manufacturers of beauty brand products. 

Being apart of a movement doesn't mean segregating yourself away from society and popular opinions or popular products. It usually means giving unpopular opinions or unusual opinions. In the conventional beauty world the are no influencers speaking about how they feel about toxicity in products we put on our bodies everyday. I've always been slightly different than what's considered "normal". So, I've chosen to still receive beauty products for review and give my honest opinion. 

The real-real...

Flower Beauty- a brand headed by Drew Barrymore sold in WalMart.

Products sent to me for review-
-Mix N' Matte Lip Duo- high coverage matte color on one end and matching pearlized lip gloss

-Glossy Gel Eyeliner- long wear gel formula, intense color

- Miracle Matte Lip- a creaseless, comfortable, bold matte look

Reasons why I would never use any of these products:

BHT- 4 on 1-10 EWG scale, endocrine disruptor

ALUMINUM STARCH OCTENYLSUCCINATE- 2 on EWG scale BUT known contaminate is ALUMINUM POWDER- rated 9 on EWG scale

CETYL PEG/PPG-10/1 DIMETHICONE- 3 on EWG scale BUT known contaminates ETHYLENE OXIDE rated 10 on EWG scale cancer causing, 1-4 DIOXANE rated 8 on EWG cancer causing

DIAZOLIDINYLE UREA 6 on EWG scale BUT known ingredient released is  FORMALDEHYDE rated 10 on EWG cancer causing

METHYLPARABEN & PROPYLPARABEN rated 4 and 7 on EWG BOTH are hormone disruptors

FRAGRANCE rated 8 on EWG respiratory distress, dermatitis, potential effects on the reproductive system

You better believe I will be sharing my full opinion. This is EXACTLY why I choose the movement of safer beauty. I have dealt with infertility, extreme fatigue, leaky gut, irregular period, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. All of these symptoms have subsided over the years of cleaning up my life but some of these would mysteriously reappear occasionally. I suspect my personal care products played a huge role in those mysterious reappearances.

#safebeauty #nontoxicskincare #truth #cleanliving

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